S.M.Enterprises has on 1 June 2011 completed 18 yrs of ‘Service to the Tool –Making Industry’ .

S.M.Enterprises was set up in 1993 as a registered Small Scale Industry in an Industrial area in Pirangut about 15 kms from Pune with a vision to serve the Toolmaking Industry by making available standard parts to toolmakers at a very affordable price and to also serve press component producers by manufacturing dies of very high quality and in a fairly quick time schedule which would produce press parts in millions without losing their accuracy.It is always this intention which has helped us to build up a long term relationship with almost all the customers.
The unit is promoted by Mohan Chhatre a qualified toolmaker from NTTF Dharwad who has now over 32 years of toolmaking experience and managed by Mrs Snehalata Chhatre who has now over 22 years of industrial experience with her.
Toolmaking is a very precision and skilled activity and the profitability of the press part manufacturer depends a lot on the type of tool made and the long term results it gives.S M Enterprises has for the last 18 years been making tools and dies which have benefited our customers in a long way which in turn has been responsible for our steady growth and our remaining in the Toolmaking industry for the last 18 years.
It is a huge achievement because in this ever changing industrial environment, there is always the attraction to enter into the production of pressed or moulded component to all tool making units .

S.M. Enterprises has been the pioneer in introducing the use of standard parts to various press-shop and moulding shops & tool-rooms in and around Pune. It has brought within reach and at very reasonable rates a wide range of standard products of reputed brands under one roof of ‘S.M.Enterprises’.It has also introduced new concepts in tool making more information of which you will find in the toolmaking guide.